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HelloJob.org is a leading site for the international search for specialists and jobs in China.

On the site you will find specialists living in China and outside the country who work in such areas as: translators, teachers, tour guides, etc.

HelloJob.org is optimized for multiple platforms, from PC and mobile. We also support a full range of social media accounts so that job postings posted by employers are available to a wide range of job seekers.


  • Free creation and viewing of resumes on the site
  • No registrations! You do not need to register on the site to post ads and search for resumes. We value your time!
  • Adaptive contact form for the employer’s personal page
  • Create a free individual employer card on the site.
  • You do not need to constantly visit the HelloJob.org website to communicate with employers or job seekers. On the site you are given the opportunity to indicate your personal contact details to contact you.

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Looking for a full-time or part-time job or internship in China?
HelloJob.org – help you find a job in China

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In this section you can find a list of employers and if you are interested in a company, you can be contacted through the contact details of the company.

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